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Casa cu Atlanti

3d simulation view from the unirii square

3d simulation Casa Cu Atlanti

Casa Cu Atlanti is a neoclassical style historical monument built in 1812 by Toma Naum Macri, a rich mercant.
It’s name comes from the atlants represented on the columns at the facade.
The building has 40 rooms designated for rent.
In the period of communism the building was nationalized, and after the revolution entered in a private property and the owners started to restore it.

When they come to the exterior restoration, they needed simulations so get decided about the look of the building, and I get the honor to help them whit different color and design variations they can choose from.

It was a meticulous job, as the building has a lots of base-relief decorations.

The problems started from the beginning, as they already installed the construction stand, and there was no possibility to take new photos, I must rely on poor quality photos that I found on the web.

The whole project is created in Blender 3d, with cycles render.
I used procedural models, where possible, and object instances this way I managed to keep the file size small besides the many small details.

The initial stage of building the whole model took 1 month, but the overall project has taken 6 months to finist due to the many color variations, but also requests for design changes on the facade, until the client was happy with.
First they planned to restore the facade as it was in it`s original state, but later they changed their minds, and we started to experient with different variations until we reached the optimal state.

workflow screenshot
workflow screenshot