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Best 10 sites to download free images for your website

An image says more than a thousand words, and that’s true for websites as well. Many people think that photos are for decorative purposes, so sometimes they insert one between the lines. However, the pros purposefully handle the graphics to be displayed, which tells us instead what we are dealing with or what we can offer the reader.

An image on a website can show a lot of things:


there can be a lot of differences between picture and picture,

this is why we tend to advise that unique content is the most upscale. This is a viable option for images only if we have time to take photos for each post and create a subject for which it’s easy to set up an idea. Just think of the difficult situation programmers are in now!

In this case, there is no other solution than the Internet. A well-selected stock photo with a few minor edits becomes almost completely unique, so you can easily apply it to our website. However, if we don’t want to involve ourselves unnecessarily in lawsuits, we need to familiarize ourselves with a few download rules.

Are the images on the web free to use?

The answer to this is a bit complicated, as you can download anything today and we won’t even get in trouble. However, we can no longer use that image. No one will sue you if you set it as your computer background, but it will not reappear on our website. Nor is it worth changing a few items on it or editing text on it. Why?

Because the images are protected by copyright

If you log in to Google search and click on an image, you can see below that this image has rights that won’t let anyone use it. In addition, the size of the images obtained in this way is usually much smaller, and we can find something objectionable in their quality, we can be sure that it will not show well on our site.

If Google is still our favorite, we can only download an image by clicking the reusable and editable (Creative Commons) option in the image search engine. You can even use Google to search for images by image.

Google image search screenshot

If we stick to the internet images, we have only two options left: we are looking for a free download site or we are paying for it .

We can also take legal pictures for money

Today, we can easily buy genuine images. These have many benefits, one and perhaps most importantly, that few people download them. Because many people insist on free content, we can be sure that we won’t run into images we download on every website, making our content even more unique.


One of the best hosting sites is Shutterstock . There are also pictures and videos that stand out even in the most unique setting. You can choose from different packs, so you can either buy a piece or more, or start a subscription. Let’s say we want to create an ebook for our email subscribers that they can then download for free. In this case, in addition to the content, we will also need a percussion cover, even though it is intended as a free publication. On this page you can buy an image for which you only need to add text. We have a good chance that the reader will not run into this picture as not everyone will pay for it.

Shutterstock screenshot

Shutterstock may seem a little expensive and we are looking for a slightly cheaper solution. In this case, will help you. We can also get great graphics here cheaper. screenshot

top10 website where you can download the images for free

We still have plenty of options if we prefer to search for free content. These images take their place in the paragraphs of the blogs and we can easily shape them to our own taste. Plus, the possibilities are constantly expanding so everyone can find what they’re really looking for. The most popular download sites usually require only one registration.


Pixabay is certainly the best known site . Interestingly, in addition to traditional photographs, we also find videos, graphics and vector images. Filters help you search by color or category. When downloading, you can select the resolution of the file.

Pixabay screenshot


Next on the list is Pexels. There is also a huge amount of content here, and these images can truly be called special. If you don’t want to share traditional content, you might want to search here.

Pexels screenshot


What you need to know about Unplash is that we can download the work of professional photographers for free. We’ll find plenty of work that would stand out even in the paid category, so we’re sure to find the right one. You do not have to log in here, but by clicking on the selected image, the Donwload option will appear immediately. The file is then saved to our machine. screenshot


Let’s not forget Foter’s huge collection either. In the upper left corner you will find the menu section, where you can choose between the categories in the window that opens. The trends also appear on the main page, so you can turn to Foter at any time of the year for inspiration. screenshot


The special feature of the Picjumbo is that it also has a separate premium side. If you find that you can easily find quality images and want to spend all your money on a new header in the future, you can switch to the premium package with a single click. The categories and the search box also help you find your way around, and the topicality can help us.

pcjumbo screenshot


We have fewer images on StockSnap , but we can’t complain about the quality at all. The advantage is that it is not used by so many people, so we can easily find images that do not appear elsewhere. screenshot


Freeimages offers over 300,000 images for free, so it’s worth a visit. It may not be called the best side, but it can be of great benefit to a huge selection.

freeimages screenshot


Of course, although such beautiful things can be said from the Gratisography side, they are also used less, so the advantage is the same as StockSnap. You can also easily find the search bar and the categories under the menu item. Among the few hundred images, we will surely find one that we can use on one of our pages. screenshot

New Old Stock

The New Old Stock site is the perfect choice for those looking for black and white images. We no longer need to edit them, we can download them right away in the style we like. There are plenty of websites today that strive for simplicity and minimalism, for them this site is recommended.

New Old Stock screenshot


It is no coincidence that Canva came to the last place, because not only can we download the images here, we can edit them immediately. In addition to paid content, we have plenty of free options, so feel free to watch. screenshot

What to look for when choosing a stock photo?

In addition to the websites mentioned above, there are plenty of other options. However, before we download anything, it is better to make sure of the legal issues. It is advisable to look for the information in the website, where a few terms will already help us.

Being royalty-free is not yet free.

The term royalty implies that you do not have to pay separately after purchase if you use it in more than one place. We prefer to search for the term Crative Commons . Here we distinguish two categories, there are completely free-to-use images, and there are also those where one should refer to the creator with a reference.

However, there are other factors to consider when downloading.

First, let’s look at how the image evokes in the visitor. There are graphics that radiate serenity, others encourage action. It doesn’t matter how well it suits our company, so it’s not worth joking about serious topics.

Image color is also an issue that needs to be considered before each download. If you’re not traveling in black and white, choose color and vibrant photos.

Then let’s see how real it is. We often get models that are too well dressed, which do not fit into the normalcy of the world in any way, and may evoke negative feelings in the visitor.

You should also optimize downloaded images

The last aspect is edibility. The free photo can appear on any website, so let’s change it instead. Let’s use some sort of filter, put a logo on it, and never forget to optimize its size.

Downloaded images are often large enough to slow down our website, so they should never be larger than 200 KB. Once we’re done with that, we can already upload our new image.