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Basics and ideas for successful web design

Nowadays, having an online presence is essential. We can safely say that who cannot be found in the search engine does not even exist. Small businesses are also forced to move to the net where they have to struggle for achievement. There are several tricks to getting more people to visit a page, but staying afloat is often a very simple aspect of web design.

What is web design?

Most marketers agree that what our eyes see over and over again is what our brains will want. Many are building on this great truth, which is why the concept of web design has emerged. If we want to explain briefly, we just need to translate the words: web design, that is, website design.

The look of web interfaces is influenced by a lot of things, and the design of this is called web design. At first, this meant only a format designed for desktops, but today mobile phones can’t be left out either, as the largest part of the world’s population, is already searching and reading on their phones.

Why is web design important?

The human eye is usually looking for the beautiful, but also the logically structured content. Tiny letters or endless lines sticking together only scare the visitor. Usually when we are looking for something, we want to find it right away, we don’t like to search a page from menu to menu. If it doesn’t get in front of our eyes in a few seconds, we’ll move on.

Good web design gives the reader confidence, helps him navigate, and makes the content attractive to him.

What makes a website look good?

There are unspoken web design ideas that will give our site a quality look. If we follow these, we can win the hearts of our customers with a minimalist look.

In addition, these points can be followed by those who have not learned the craft of web design.

Let’s examine them one by one!

Web typography

When we think of the internet, we immediately have a plethora of articles in mind, and not by accident. 95% of the information in the online space is displayed as written text. Even though we hear more and more about Youtubers and Instagram flu, writing won’t go out of style after all .

Hence the conclusion that typography is one of the cornerstones of our website as it has a lot of features. What are they?

No one will want to spend time on a website where you have to figure out the meaning of words. It’s simply tiring, so the reader would quickly click further.

To avoid this, we need good typography when creating a website.

It doesn’t matter if we see a slowly recovering harmony or a mess. It is just as important to choose the right size so that your eyes do not get tired of it, but rather read yourself. The font is also influenced by the target audience of our products , as both men and women are attracted to other shapes.

These web fonts may be suitable for a beauty salon, but less so for a law firm, for example.


The next thing a reader sees after the letters is the spaces omitted between the lines, although the same goes for the paragraphs. It’s true that the buyer won’t go back directly if we don’t use good line spacing, but they won’t want to read our posts.

The secret is to schedule great places, which encourages us to keep reading. 

You could also say that web design is good when it is breezy.


It doesn’t matter what colors we use on the website. There are many things that can affect this decision. We need to mention our target audience again, as men love darker shades and women love soft colors.

It doesn’t matter what product we offer for sale either, so a baby shop can use pink and blue, while a gardener can use green.

It would be weird if the gardening was pink and the baby shop used only green. The complementary shades also perform well, as they create harmony and are pleasing to look at.


A picture says more than a thousand words, but this is true even if it is vague. Always be careful to upload quality photos because poor quality images tend to hurt us. It doesn’t matter where we download the photos. 

If we don’t have the right images, it can be a good solution to know where to download legal and free images.

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Basic web design mistakes to avoid

Now that we know what makes a website good, we also need to look at what we should definitely avoid. We collected the top 10 points.

1. Boring outdated look

A common element of visual errors is dense, coherent text. On a web interface, boredom equals the reader leaving our website. meaningless long texts only occupy the place , the visitor would be bored even before he had started.

Also there are the mobile-friendly pages, where even shorter paragraphs can appear full-page. Feel free to scatter the entries in the text , use good line spacing and spaces. Feel free to italicize or bold a few sentences and be generous with highlights.

2. Speed

Today’s people are constantly rushing, they won’t have 5 seconds to wait for each click to load , so it’s very important to pay attention to the speed of the website.

Our website should take at least 3 seconds to load. Always keep this in mind.

3. Emotions

Although most deny it, they still buy according to their emotions. If our website doesn’t evoke emotion from anyone, it will be just one of many and will quickly be forgotten. To avoid this mistake, we can play with more. First of all, there is the power of images, for which we need quality and interesting photos. The style of the articles is also important, not a slow monologue , but striking, sometimes even funny. Finally, pay attention to the colors, don’t be a clown or be too restrained.

4. Target group

We’ve mentioned it before, but you have to come back here because that’s where our business stands or falls. There is no such thing as everyone liking something.

When website owners say that their target group is between 14 and 65+, they don’t really have a target group.

This is preceded by a long research, you need to know who will visit our site, how old they are, what interests them.

5. Self-promotion

Have you ever come across a page where after the first click there was a long and boring text about what great tournaments a particular owner has won and how successful? I did, and we weren’t looking for that at all.

The reader visits our website for a well-defined purpose! If you don’t get an answer to your question, look for a solution on the other side.

Of course, we can keep an About Us tab, where curious people can get to know it, because only those who are really interested will visit here anyway.

6. Bad search engines

Every website has a magnifying glass in which you can enter words or phrases. However, if we keep leaving the reader without a hit, they will look the other way.

Unfortunately, results that have nothing to do with your search are common errors. We also avoid having three ads between two entries as it is confusing and annoying at the same time.

7. Faulty filters

Applying the wrong filters after a bad search engine can also be a problem. It’s a double-edged sword as they are made with the help of help, but they can also be fired backwards. Filters are usually used to narrow down the results to the user. Let’s look at the example above.

Suppose the user is looking for garden spades and the filter is in front of the tools used for farming. This can be good as you can see the spades and other tools you may need at the same time.

However, if the filter focuses only on the word garden, throw in the cultivation in front of it, leaving seeds, nutrient solutions, and plenty of topics that aren’t even of interest at the moment of your search. The most important thing is for the user to get all the information , not just see hits for specific words.

8. Who are you writing to?

There are two types of content. One is written for the reader, the other for the Google search engines. It was accepted a few years ago that the text was packed with links and keywords, but the reader will soon notice this as well. Such texts are mouth-watering and do not achieve as good results as they did today. Now we need to be careful to post valuable entries .

9. Lots of unsolicited content

Another typical content error is when the reader constantly encounters advertisements . You can’t read an orphaned entry without having to close three extra windows. This will only get them to leave our site. If you want to use advertising anyway, do it tastefully, but without spoiling the user experience.

10. Strange and alien solutions

Many people think they can rediscover Spanish wax. They try so much to deviate from the average or the accepted one that we could describe them in a strange word instead of originality. Unfortunately, people don’t like that. Just think of them going down to the same corner store for years as they used to. They are driven away by an extreme website that is different in every way. Sure, it’s good to be unique, but don’t overdo it.

The secret of professional web design

When web design comes to mind, we automatically focus only on beauty. We think of colors, fonts that will bring the long-awaited access. However, it does not hurt to ask ourselves a question. What makes the whole professional?

In addition to visual beauty, the content structure is also important to be useful to the customer. Thoughtfulness helps us reach our target audience and effectively leads people towards pay. We can’t clog the basket, we’d rather lift it out somehow to see it even unintentionally.

Make it easy to get from viewing to shopping with a user-friendly interface.

Help the customer find what they are actually looking for while building trust in them. Also keep in mind the development of a mobile-friendly view as more and more visitors will analyze us through a small screen. In summary: be nice, mobile-friendly and search-friendly.